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A determined heroine intent on wrangling herself a cowboy!
Branna knew marrying a cowboy — especially one who owned a ranch — would not be easy. But she’s been in love with Jonathan since forever, and she was done waiting on him to make a move. Come hell or high water, she was going to rope her man. But when her past rides into her present, it sends Branna into a tailspin. She’s been keeping a dark secret from Jonathan, and it may just have her plan ending before it begins.

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whisper of love

He exposes everything she knew about her existence to be a lie.

Essie Bosch finds solace in her nomadic life delivering medical care around the globe. Running from deep physical and emotional wounds, she has no intention of settling down. Until she meets the man who upends her world and makes her belly flutter and toes curl.

Max Harland is an easy-going, small-town lawyer, his biggest challenges searching for the long-lost Lawson heiress and finding the right person to share his white picket fence dream with. When he arrives in the small seaside town, it turns out that the elusive heiress is the perfect woman for him.

Essie leans on Max while working through the pain and anger accompanying the explosive revelations of her past and her attraction toward the younger man grows.

Max finally convinces Essie to give him a chance, but when an acquaintance from his past appears on his doorstep, his relationship with Essie is put to the ultimate test.

Will she be able to accept his new reality while trying to face her own?

Or will she devastate them both and walk away?

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