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A determined heroine intent on wrangling herself a cowboy!
Branna knew marrying a cowboy — especially one who owned a ranch — would not be easy. But she’s been in love with Jonathan since forever, and she was done waiting on him to make a move. Come hell or high water, she was going to rope her man. But when her past rides into her present, it sends Branna into a tailspin. She’s been keeping a dark secret from Jonathan, and it may just have her plan ending before it begins.

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Surly Sheriff

A former marine hitchhiking home. A footloose woman passing by. Their love was fated, but their future doomed.

Rae Williams never thought she would stop running. For years she looked over her shoulder, afraid her brutal history would catch up to her. Until Beau. For the first time in her life, she feels safe and loved. But when her past rears its ugly head, it puts the lives of the people she loves in jeopardy.

 Beau Stirling swore off women years ago, and over the intervening period, no one has challenged his decision. Until Rae. He falls for the troubled woman, loving her while she wrestles with the nameless demons plaguing her dreams. But his life shatters when she disappears, leaving nothing but a cruel note.

 And when Rae returns years later begging for his protection, Beau vows to fight the pull of love. His resolve slowly crumbles when she reveals the violent secrets that have held her captive since childhood.

 Can they rebuild their marriage, or will the scars of betrayal and abandonment prove too deep?