Nicole Ann Nielsen

Nicole Ann Nielsen believes in romance, in love, and everyone deserves a happy ever after. 

And that is what she writes — Contemporary Romance. 

Working as a web developer and running her own company, one morning, having had enough of code, she opened a word document, and finally, finally, let the ideas bouncing around her head out.

In her own words: “The words flowed, the characters talked, the scenes developed, and a story formed. It was magical.”

Nicole lives in scenic Cape Town, South Africa, and shares her space with her husband, two dogs, and a lone cat, her daughter and son having long flown the parental coop.

She is an avid reader, enjoys Pilates, inhales coffee, and loves dreaming about her next novel.



Extract of week ...

Noble Neighbor

Oliver lifted his head and raked his gaze over the woman standing before him, a laundry basket clutched protectively to her torso. Dappled sun danced around her and a bashful smile pulled at her lips. It wasn’t a provocative image, but it sucker-punched the wind right out of him.

Sunny Jones was hot on the heels of her daughters in becoming important to him, and Oliver wasn’t sure what to think about the development.