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Right of Love is the prequel in the Texas Solace Series.

This series centers around the Lawson family, and each book is a standalone featuring one of the family members. However, there are a couple of overreaching arcs and the author recommends reading the books in sequence to gain full enjoyment from them.

Right Side of Love is a short novella giving a teaser of the couple at the head of the Lawson family.

Texas Solace Series

Right Side of Love

Murmur of Love

Echo of Love


“It’s a hard life, Branna. This one you’re hitching yourself to. Because, make no mistake, darlin’, I make you mine, you’re not leaving. Ever. Till death us do part.”

Branna O’Connor knew marrying a cowboy — especially one who owned his own ranch — would not be easy. But she’d been in love with Jonathan Lawson for six years, since the age of fifteen, and she was just plain done waitin’ for him.

She was taking matters in hand, come hell or high water.

Then Jonathan’s miserable cousin returns home and casts the young couple in turmoil.

Because Branna has been keeping a secret from Jonathan.