Texas Solace Series

The Texas Solace Series centers around the Lawson family, and each book is a standalone featuring one of the family members. However, there are a couple of overreaching arcs and the author recommends reading the books in sequence to gain full enjoyment from them.

Rush of Love

She’s chasing her dreams.

He’s reeling from betrayal.

While home on vacation, Jo Lawson babysits the children of a family friend, Kurt Wheeler. Despite the seventeen-year age gap between them, Jo and Kurt soon succumb to the temptation of their mutual attraction.

What was meant to be a summer fling turns into a long-distance relationship … until he abruptly ends it.

Years later, Jo decides it’s time to go home after a stalker turns vicious. With danger hot on her heels, she’s forced to confront the town’s sheriff — the man who broke her heart. As Kurt uncovers long-buried secrets, he must adjust to having Jo back in town while working on a plan to keep her safe.

It soon becomes clear the chemistry from their past burns as fiercely as ever, but the numbers are stacked against them.


Will they beat the odds?

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Echo of Love



These are the powerful feelings Daniel King, Army Ranger, decorated war hero, amputee, and now CEO of King Security, grapples with as he returns to his hometown.

Pregnant, and deserted by her child’s father, Siobhan Scott faced the scorn of the town at sixteen and finished her last year of schooling with a baby at her breast.

Now her high school sweetheart is back in town, wanting … forgiveness?

“Oh, hell to the no,” cries the fiery Texan woman.

And then, one emotion-laden night, they give in to the strong pull of desire, resulting in a rather delicate situation they need to deal with.

But will they do it together, or will Daniel, once again, turn tail and leave a trail of red Texas dust in his wake?

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Murmur of Love

A cowboy, a supermodel, and a marriage of convenience.

A recipe for disaster . . . or a Southern fairytale?

Cecelia Carlsen, supermodel, entrepreneur and philanthropist, thrust into an unforeseen situation, returns to a past she thought forever lost to her.

Aidan Lawson, Texas cattle rancher and single father, faced with a renewed custody suit and a struggling ranch, is unsure about the future.

And then she arrives in a private jet, flaunting her mile-long legs, batting her honey eyes at him, and offering a solution to his problems.

But Aidan is a man who abhors lies and secrets.

And Cecelia is a woman shrouded in them. 

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Right Side of Love



“It’s a hard life, Branna. This one you’re hitching yourself to. Because, make no mistake, darlin’, I make you mine, you’re not leaving. Ever. Till death us do part.”

Branna O’Connor knew marrying a cowboy — especially one who owned his own ranch — would not be easy. But she’d been in love with Jonathan Lawson for six years, since the age of fifteen, and she was just plain done waitin’ for him.

She was taking matters in hand, come hell or high water.

Then Jonathan’s miserable cousin returns home and casts the young couple in turmoil.

“No matter what is thrown our way, we’ll always land on our feet, right side up. Together. Always.”

Right Side of Love is the PREQUEL to the Texas Solace Series and gives a teaser of the couple at the head of the family.

Want to skip years ahead to when Jonathan and Branna’s children are grown?

Get your copy of Murmur of Love and read how first born son, Aidan, and baby Lily, as prophesized by Jonathan, finally get together.

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Extract of week ...

Right Side of Love 

“I am not amused, Jonathan Lawson,” she snarled. “And I am done, just plain done, waiting for you to decide to propose.”

Brows raised, lips still twitching, he observed the beauty of her heaving breasts under her pretty blouse, so enticingly pushed up by her folded arms, a glimpse of the shadow between them visible through the gaping shirt. How he loved this woman and couldn’t imagine living his life without her in it, and yes, she was so correct — he’d put off asking her to marry him for far too long.

Before he could say another word, she abruptly stood and marched across the kitchen, her boots clomping on the floor. Pausing in the doorway, she did a sharp about-turn and announced, “The wedding — our wedding — will take place on the nineteenth of April at two o’clock in the afternoon. And, honest to God, Jonathan Lawson, if you are not waiting for me at the end of the aisle, I will hunt you down and … and …”

She threw her hand up in exasperation and huffed. “Just be there!” she railed and stomped out the door …