Nicole Ann Nielsen

Nicole Ann Nielsen is an author in the Contemporary Romance genre. Her first novel, Murmur of Love, is releasing this November.

In her own words, “The words flowed, the characters talked, the scenes developed, and a story formed. It was magical.”


Murmur of Love


“Y’all mad!” Aidan soared to his feet. “Listen, darlin’.” He turned and looked down at Cecelia, his hands clenched on his hips. “I’ve no intentions of saddlin’ myself with a wife again. I’ve been down that road, and frankly, it was an experience not to be repeated.”

Cecelia came to stand before him, mirroring his stance. “Just to be clear — I do not particularly want to saddle, as you so succinctly put it, myself with a bloody husband either. But to secure the adoption of Ti and Vinnie? To give the boys in my care a stable home? To know, that if something should happen to me, they would be looked after by people who truly cared for them and not be removed from that care? Well, I would marry the sodding devil himself if the marriage guaranteed that!”


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Texas Solace

Saddle up, and join me for a wild ride.
Get to know the Lawsons of Bulwark, Texas . . .

Extract of week ...

Right Side of Love 

“I am not amused, Jonathan Lawson,” she snarled. “And I am done, just plain done, waiting for you to decide to propose.”

Brows raised, lips still twitching, he observed the beauty of her heaving breasts under her pretty blouse, so enticingly pushed up by her folded arms, a glimpse of the shadow between them visible through the gaping shirt. How he loved this woman and couldn’t imagine living his life without her in it, and yes, she was so correct — he’d put off asking her to marry him for far too long.

Before he could say another word, she abruptly stood and marched across the kitchen, her boots clomping on the floor. Pausing in the doorway, she did a sharp about-turn and announced, “The wedding — our wedding — will take place on the nineteenth of April at two o’clock in the afternoon. And, honest to God, Jonathan Lawson, if you are not waiting for me at the end of the aisle, I will hunt you down and … and …”

She threw her hand up in exasperation and huffed. “Just be there!” she railed and stomped out the door …