The Door is Open

Slowly Jo slid her legs to the ground, and Kurt rested his hands against the wall beside her head. He bent his sweaty brow to hers. “I need to apologize for being so rough, not even making sure you were with me.”

Jo’s befuddled brain tried to think of a snappy rejoinder, but he’d literally screwed her into a tizzy and she couldn’t, just couldn’t, think of even one comeback.

But it came to her when she looked over his shoulder, past the front door and out into the hallway. She giggled. “The door is open.”


“We forgot to shut the front door.”

Another giggle escaped her at the look on his face. Consternation, mixed with horror, and then embarrassment took over as he turned his torso and quietly shut the door with an outstretched arm.

Kurt’s face was tomato-red when he looked her way again. “Do you think someone saw us?”

She thought of fibbing, but his embarrassment was so acute, she didn’t have the heart to. “No. Both Paul and Gaston work on Saturdays.”

“I’m sorry. That was careless of me.” He scraped his hand through his neatly-trimmed hair almost stumbling as his feet caught in the pants pooled around his ankles. He bent and pulled them up.

“It’s okay.”

“And I’m sorry for rushing you. Us.” 

“It was hot. I’ve never had wall-sex before.” She looked him over. Mussed hair, worried hooded eyes, half open shirt exposing his chest.

He was hot. “We can definitely do that again.”     

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